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Long Lasting and Clean Burning Wood Pellet Fuel

North Idaho Energy Wood Pellets

Super Premium Wood Pellets

Made Entirely of Wood Byproducts

Unlike other company's products, our wood pellets are made entirely of wood byproducts from sawmills. And because they are such high density and low moisture you'll get 8400 BTU's per pound. All that and less than 1% of ash means a clean/strong burn!

Only High Quality Fiber Is Used

We consistently make sure only the best goes into our pellets. The result is a consistently high quality pellet that has burning in our customers homes for years. Our raw materials are meticulously screened to be sure our pellets provide the quality you expect.

Environmentally Friendly

With low emissions, extremely high BTU output, and clean, low ash fire with little residue our pellets are extremely environmentally friendly. These are safe, clean, affordable friendly alternatives to wood, coal, and oil heating products. You won't find a more eco-friendly product.


Super Premium Wood Pellets


Low Moisture Content
Less Than 1/2 of 1% Ash
No Additives

Our Super Premium Pellets Pack 8400 BTU per Pound Pellet Fuel is a recycled and renewable heat source for your home. Easily store a years supply in 1/3 of the space used for firewood.

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Super Cedar Puck

Super Cedar Firestarters

When it comes to lighting your BBQ, wood stove, pellet stove, or prepping your survival kit you'll find no better fire starter. Our fire starters burn cleaner, hotter & are long lasting. With up to thirty minutes of burn time, one match lighting, environmentally friendly design, and a great value means there is little reason not to order Super Cedar Firestarters today.

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