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gravel sand rocks

Available for delivery by the cubic yard. One yard covers 100 square feet at 3" deep. Or call us for help in calculating amounts! We'll need to know square footage and depth. Orders are dumped on customer's property where accessible by truck. Trucks are single axles and need 9' clearance side to side. We have a split gate truck! This means you can save money by ordering two products at the same time. You can order as little as one cubic yard!

1 yard = 1.40 tons
1 yard covers 100 square feet at 3" deep
3" or more is recommended for parking areas.

Landscape Supplies


Consists of screened soil and steer manure. Great for use in vegetable and rose gardens.

Cedar Grove

Consists of compoasted yard waste. Good for use as a sol amendment or ground cover. Black.


Choose fine (1" and less) or medium fine (1.5" and less). Primarily used as a ground cover.


Consists of 1"-3" cedar chps. Won't splinter. Use in play areas. 12" depth required by daycares.

Play Sand

Fine quartz sand with a consisten quality. Great for general use in walkways and lawn leveling.


Gravel Supplies

Pea Gravel

3/8" size. Used for decoration, drainage, playgrounds, and dog kennels

Crushed Rock

5/8" minus, 1" minus, 1 1/4" minus available. Good for parking/path areas.

Clean Chip Rock

3/4", 5/8" available. Good drainage properties. Use dor parking/pathways.

Medium Washed Gravel

7/8". Great for decorative walkways, drainage areas, and general covering.

Large Washed Gravel

1 1/2" sized. Great for decorative walkways, drainage areas, and general covering.

Red Lava Rock

Volcanic lava rock. Red hue. Decorative. Great to use as a base for gas firepits.

Paver Base

1/4" minus. Primary ingrediate for any 'one-step' method to laying decorative pavers.

Super Cedar Fire Starters

Super Cedar Firestarters

When it comes to lighting your BBQ, wood stove, pellet stove, or prepping your survival kit you'll find no better fire starter. Our fire starters burn cleaner, hotter & are long lasting. With up to thirty minutes of burn time, one match lighting, environmentally friendly design, and a great value means there is little reason not to order Super Cedar Firestarters today.

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Off Season Hours: Starting April 1, 2024, please call 425-493-0500 to place your order and/or receive quotes. We are also available to meet your fuel needs for pick up by appointment.

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